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How much time do you spend on the Internet ?

Nowadays we can do almost everything through the Internet, and people are increasingly dependent on their network connection where they spend a large portion of time each day, then why shouldn't take advantage to earn money while we are online?


Its so simple, we just have to be registered on PT websites that present on this site (those of the left menu).


What are PT websites ?

The acronym PT is English and means Paid To.


Basically means that these sites pay for their members to perform an action, which may be clicking on ads or receive advertising e-mails.


The types of PT websites most common are:

  • PTC (Paid To Click) - the most famous and profitable that pay us for only click ads;
  • PTR (Paid To Read) - sites that send paid emails with advertising to click.

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How long it takes a day ?


For only 10 (or less) daily minutes you can easily make money with unlimited values!


And you are not obliged to visit and click on PT websites every day, but the more you click ... more you earn!


Earn even more by refering people

After signing up at each site presented here you will receive an unique link called the referral link, you can get this link and give it to your friends or family.


Each person who signs up on the PT websites trough your referral link will make you earn some percentage of their earnings, which can range from 50% to 100%!


The payment is guaranteed !

There are thousands of PT websites on the Internet, but unfortunately the majority are fraudulent (SCAM) and do not pay to its the members.


But that does not happen with the websites that I present on EarnEasyMoney.no.sapo.pt because they wedollarre all tested by me and are trustworthy, if you are one of my lucky friends know that I would not lie :)


Stay updated with all the news and great tips !

I recommend that you subscribe to my Mail-List to receive all the news on 1st hand about new sites, the ones that no more deserves our attention and the best tips to earn more money easily.


You will know which sites you should avoid, because, like everything in life, there are also sites that SCAM PTC members and never pay.


scam ptc sites



You can also get in touch with me through the contact form and I will be happy to help you with the doubts.


I hope I have helped you understand the basic principles of this method with this introduction, if so you have completed the 1st step and it is time to proceed to the next, creating an PayPal account, simply click on the menu to enter the PayPal page where I explain what to do.


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